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Andrea Picollo

The first approach with a mind-body system comes through the family, which transmits to me, as a child, the passion for martial arts and disciplines of inner listening. Passions that still persist and push me towards research. While still a boy, I started attending the Hatha Yoga Sivananda school. Continuing on this path, I encounter Ashtanga yoga, of which I become a regular practitioner that will accompany me every day for years. For almost ten years I travel to Asia, between India and Nepal, to practice and learn more and more traditions and disciplines of yoga and meditation, in particular at KPJAYI in Mysore, where I am authorized to teach Ashtanga yoga. The curiosity for yoga, movement and the energies produced guides me to deepen other methods as well, such as Iyengar and Dona Holleman’s Centered yoga, with which I study for several years and, influencing myself considerably, thus graduating in her method; at the same time I learn different styles of massage by expanding the anatomical and functional knowledge of the body. Feeling it as a strong component and an essential tool for inner understanding, I also dedicate myself to Vipassana meditation, participating in numerous retreats and cultivating personal study and practice.

At the same time, the other great passion that accompanies me and completes this path is the curiosity for movement, functional and sporty. In addition to the various sporting activities, I approach a method of study of movement, FunctionalRangeConditioning and Kinstretch, which over the years I manage to integrate harmoniously as a support to each activity and to deepen further, I also resume studies in Osteopathy. To date my intent is to continue to integrate all experiences to make them a true instrument of individual listening and understanding to always remain as mind and body, in balance.

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