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Giuseppe Panarello

Born in Turin on 17/08/1979, he has been practicing sports since he was a child. From the age of 8, he constantly devoted himself to martial arts, becoming a full contact and boxing agonist and Full Contact black belt.

After retiring from competitive activity, he trained to work in the world of fitness as a personal trainer and pilates instructor, studying anatomy, posturology and movement mechanics. He approached Yoga in 2004 and immediately became passionate about it. He obtained the diploma of instructor of Ha-Tha Yoga at the Vivekananda institute of Bangalore (India) with a thesis on pranayama, breathing technique that deepens daily by making direct experience.

In 2009 he discovered Ashtanga Yoga in a workshop with Lino Miele. In the following years Ashtanga Yoga, in its traditional method, becomes his daily practice which he deepens mainly under the guidance of Lino Miele and his collaborators, but also by participating in workshops and seminars around the world with teachers like Chuck Miller, Maty Ezraty, Petri Raisanen, kristina karitinos, Mark Robberds and Ty Landrum teacher who was an assistant in summer 2019.

Giuseppe Panarello istruttore Yoga Torino

In 2011 he made his first trip to India where he studied ashtanga with Elena De Martin, transcendental meditation and chanting with the masters Narasimha and Jayasri, while in 2013-2014 he spent a period in Mysore, under the guidance of Saraswati, daughter of Guruji Pattabhi Jois and in 2016 he spent a few months in Miami at the Miami Life Center of Kino McGregor.

In 2020 he spent again 2 month in Mysore, India, under the guidance of Sharat Jois.

In parallel with the study of ashtanga yoga, he deepens the Iyengar method to improve knowledge on the alignment of the asanas and to have greater awareness in practice. After completing a teacher training with Maty Ezraty, she has long started training Centered Yoga with Dona Holleman. Now he is certificates to teach also the Dona Holleman’s method.

Since 2013 he has been involved in workshops and regularly teaches at the Vinyasa Studio, the Ashtanga Yoga shala in the center of Turin he founded, where he is supported by excellent collaborators who help him in the popularization project of the discipline of yoga, alternating the teaching profession to that as a student, with continuous trips to India, to deepen his practice and evolve his teaching method.

His teaching method is aimed at therapy and listening with particular attention to breathing control and alignments to make the practice safe and intelligent.

In addition to yoga, it deals with the training of teachers on behalf of CONI ENDAS.

Since 2017 he has been practicing freediving obtaining NADD patents to dive safely, (scuba-free diving) discipline that requires great self-control and study of breathing techniques (pranayama) and he practices Triathlon at the competitive level.

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