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Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga, also defined as “meditation in motion”, is a form of dynamic Yoga; it is therefore not a partial practice, only referring to the physical component, but has a lot to do with the spiritual level as well.

In fact, in Yoga Sutras it is said that “yoga is the slowing and suspension of mental waves”.

In the Ashtanga practice, the fixed positions typical of Hatha (asana), follow each other in a continuous flow, with great attention to coordination between breathing (Ujjay pranayama), sight (Drishti), and movement (Asana).

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Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga, defined as "moving meditation", is a form of dynamic Yoga.

Centered Yoga Dona Holleman Method

Centered Yoga aims to help the student practice the Eight Vital Principles and learn to rely on them.

Hatha Yoga

"Ha" means sun, which is the sun of our body, that is, the soul, and "tha" means moon, which is our consciousness.