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Centered Yoga
Dona Holleman Method

Giuseppe Panarello Yoga instructor in Turin
Who is Dona Holleman

Dona Hollemann began to take interest in Eastern philosophy at the age of 12, when she lived on the island of Giava. Her studies were centered around Buddhism and Taoism, but her main focus was the mistery of the body. Consequently, when she came in contact with Yoga in the 50s, it immediately became her chosen path.

What is Centered Yoga

Centered Yoga aims to help the student practicing the Eight Vital Principles, to learn to rely on them and to let them perform the postures for him/her. The process of “letting go” and “trusting” is called “not doing”.

The Eight Principles that Dona Hollemann teaches in her courses – meditative state of mind, relaxation, intent, grounding, centering, allignment, breathing and etension – form a whole and they apply simultaneously.

It is not therefore, a sequence, but rather a movement that flows uninterrupted throughout the course of each posture, as well as in daily life, since they should not be used only on the yoga mat, but they can be integrated at any instant and wherever you are. Each principle contains within itself every other and can not be applied separately.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga, defined as "moving meditation", is a form of dynamic Yoga.

Centered Yoga Dona Holleman Method

Centered Yoga aims to help the student practice the Eight Vital Principles and learn to rely on them.

Hatha Yoga

"Ha" means sun, which is the sun of our body, that is, the soul, and "tha" means moon, which is our consciousness.