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Hatha Yoga

Giuseppe Panarello Yoga instructor in Turin

“Ha” means sun, our body’s sun, and “tha” means moon, our consciousness.

The sun’s energy never mitigates, while the moon vanishes every month, from new moon to full.

Hatha Yoga is based on a series of phisical and mental exercises originated in India and Tibet. It teaches how to control the cosminc energy that’s inside all of us, and the most unstable thing imaginable, that is the mind, always restless and ready to get distracted and wander.

In this way yoga, by influencing both physical and psychic life of the individual, proposes to effect an immediate revulsion, and to implement with great promptness the possession of the highest bliss.

Those who follow it’s rules are not common humans, but SIddha, perfect ones.

One of the signs of being a perfect individual is the extraordinary control over elements, shown as the practice of Tummo.


Ashtanga Yoga

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Hatha Yoga

"Ha" means sun, which is the sun of our body, that is, the soul, and "tha" means moon, which is our consciousness.